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Executive Search Selection & Recruitment Process

Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. Trust the professionals at THE KENNER GROUP to take the time to do it the right way with a recruitment process that's yielded thousands of success stories. These are the basic steps of our executive search selection and recruitment process.

Schedule a conference call with the hiring manager(s) to discuss business strategy, business objectives and market plans.

THE KENNER GROUP, together with our client, will define and identify the Ideal Candidate Profile

A Project Coordinator (PC) will be assigned to work on the project

The Account Executive and the PC will create a search plan that targets all potential "suspect" candidates based on our proprietary database search criteria (our nationwide database of over 60,000 candidates is coded by specific title, product specialty, areas of expertise, healthcare target markets and professional accomplishments)

Individualized mass emails are sent to candidates

The PC will make telephone calls to all potential candidates in a prioritized fashion. To help qualify the candidate, we will ask: if they are open to considering a change; what they would like in an ideal opportunity; what they like about their current position and company; and what they would change

Once a candidate appears to have the reasons and motivations to make a career change, the PC begins the process of qualifying the candidate’s accomplishments to determine if they have the appropriate skills applicable to the client’s position

Enthusiastically present the career opportunity to all candidates that fit the Ideal Candidate Profile

Once a candidate confirms his/her commitment by submitting a current resume and a completed Significant Accomplishments document, the candidate becomes a CI "candidate interested"

The Account Executive further screens all of the CI’s by reviewing their submitted documents and our internal notes, trimming the list of qualified candidates

All remaining candidates are telephoned again for additional qualification purposes

Conduct a 20 minute videoconference interview with all remaining qualified candidates. All "potential finalist" interviews are digitally uploaded to a secure website for the client to view at their convenience from any computer, workstation, or mobile device.

All of the preceding steps of the THE KENNER GROUP PRIORITY SEARCH process have occurred without any material involvement by the client, leaving the client free to concentrate on their current business at hand.

Throughout all of the above steps, THE KENNER GROUP will continuously re-qualify the candidates' earnestness to make a change in order to facilitate a smooth "win-win" closing process.

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