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We Know the Talented People in Managed Care –
Workers’ Compensation and Pharmacy Benefit Management

THE KENNER GROUP is a retained executive search firm and is a leader in providing recruitment solutions in middle and senior level management talent to the Managed Care industry. We excel at recruiting top talent in Workers' Compensation, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) & Specialty Pharmacy.

It's our job to know the "best" people that are available in the Managed Care industry and willing to listen to bigger and better career opportunities. That includes the “hidden” candidate who is not reading boards, but always ready to consider a strategic move to further his/her Managed Care career.

So we may provide the best selection of fully qualified candidates in Managed Care, THE KENNER GROUP's research, recruitment and selection procedures are generally conducted on a national level. If global research and recruitment efforts are required, the firm is also able to draw upon our association of worldwide offices in our network.

Each executive search begins with a very robust well-codified database we have developed over the years, one conversation at a time. Every Workers’ Compensation or Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) candidate we have spoken with during this time has had his/her sales specialties and accomplishments specifically coded. Thus, very quickly, we are able to identify the target "candidate" market with our proprietary software system and can quickly send out individualized mass emails to engage the candidates.

THE KENNER GROUP also assigns a full-time search consultant that works full-time on our client's search to ensure we fulfill the search in the most efficient way possible.

Finally we insert two unique steps in the executive search process to ensure we stringently qualify candidates.

Following telephone interviews, we video conference interview those candidates that appear to have the right qualifications and accomplishments. We have the technology to schedule these sessions quite easily. The videoconference interviews last about 20 minutes and we use questions that are crafted in collaboration with our clients. The major benefit of these videoconference interviews is that we are able to screen out the pretenders from the performers.

We capture the video of these interviews and load them up to a secure web site. We then email our clients a secure email link so they can view these interviews at their convenience on their laptop computers, workstations, or mobile device. They can also forward this link to other members of the interview team.

Because of this very powerful use of videoconferencing, we confidently provide candidates for our clients. We do so, "placing skin into the game" by deferring a portion of the fee for 12 months.

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